Types of Funds

To meet your philanthropic and financial needs, the Foundation offers a wide range of types of funds. To discuss which fund type may be best for you, we encourage you to visit with the experts at the Phelps County Community Foundation. The Foundation can work with you to create a fund which fulfills your charitable passions and allows you to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

The Enhancement Fund is used by the Foundation to meet the most compelling needs of Phelps County. The Enhancement Fund supports the Foundation’s general grant making and provides for the Foundation’s operating expenses. In order for the Foundation to continue to expand its ability to serve the citizens of Phelps County, ongoing support of the Enhancement Fund is essential.


A donor-advised fund enables you to be actively involved in the grantmaking of your fund by allowing you to recommend which charitable organizations and causes you would like to support. We assist you by maintaining fund records, researching grant requests, and connecting you with local projects and programs needing support. This is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to a private foundation.

Field of Interest Funds are designed for donors who have interests in a particular area of funding but who wish to rely on the Foundation to make specific grants in support of those interests. You select a broad focus such as arts, education, health and recreation, human services or community opportunities to benefit from your support, and we identify and award grants to select projects and programs which best meet your area of interest.

These funds specifically designate one or more organizations as the beneficiary of the fund’s grant awards. By setting up a designated fund, donors can ensure that a charitable organization or cause will receive support over a long period of time, perhaps beyond their lifetime.

Scholarship funds are an important way to support the educational endeavors of students. Establishing a scholarship fund ensures that funds are directed to students who represent your interest and concerns. In choosing whom you would like to support, you may specify a particular school, a special academic area, a specific geographic area, or emphasize a special talent or accomplishment. The Foundation has a comprehensive scholarship application and selection process which makes it a great place to establish your scholarship.